17.02 I BFLAT (Berlim)

Chico Saraiva anda Guests I 21 Uhr

Brazilian Music

Chico Saraiva /BRA/ - (a-g, brazilian viola, voc),
Luka Mukhavele /MOÇAMBIQUE/ - (Mbira, Mbvoko, Xizambi, voc),
Amoy Ribas /BRA/ - (perc., voc),
Elina /GREECE/ (voc) & Helena Fontaine /FRANCE/ (voc)

Chico Saraiva

The award-winning brazilian composer, guitarist and singer presents songs from his six albums, in which the guitar linked to the european written tradition blends with the powerful rhythm of the Brazilian folklore, in the deepness of it's relation with their african roots. That night Chico will receive guest artists and will premiere both the new partnership with Luka Mukhavelle and some of the "rewritings" of J.S. Bach's pieces that has been turning into Brazilian popular song, advancing the material of his upcoming work, which he now develops at the "Transcultural musical studies" at Franz Listz Weimar University.



A Barca | Show Missão de Pesquisas Folclóricas no CCSP – SP, 2015 | foto Daniel Kersys
Show Saraivada no CCSP – SP, 2015 | foto Daniel Kersys
Chico Saraiva e Susana Travassos | Show Tejo-Tietê no Lagoon – RJ, 2014 | foto acervo pessoal
A Barca | Show Tempo de Festa no Sesc Pompeia – SP, 2017 | foto Daniel Kersys
Participação no Programa Sr. Brasil de Rolando Boldrin – SP, 2017 | foto Daniel Kersys
Gravação de Oyá Oyá com Juçara Marçal e Ari Colares para o Música de Graça – SP, 2014 | foto acervo pessoal
Duo Saraiva-Murray | Show Galope com participação de Paulo Bellinati no Sesc Pompeia – SP, 2017 | foto Thais Taverna
Show Saraivada com participação de Vanessa Moreno no Auditório Ibirapuera – SP, 2015 | foto Kátia Kuwabara